Little Giant 14940655 CS-SS Pre-Packaged Crawl Space Sump System

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Product Overview

Little Giant's CS-SS sump pump is an ideal solution to help prevent water and moisture from collecting in the low areas of your crawl space. Removing this moisture aids in prevention of mold and fungus which causes allergies and odors, as well as moisture damage to wood floors, insulation and metal ductwork. Also helps minimize structural damage from freezing water which can cause your foundation to buckle. The CS-SS can also be used to help prevent water from standing in low lying problem areas such as yard, patio, driveway and other areas around your home.. 1/3 HP cast-iron pump with overload protection Cast iron pump housing with protective epoxy coating for corrosion resistance Structural foam cover with slip fit flanges Handles liquid and solid waste material up to 1/2-inch diameter Designed for use in confined areas